Jessica R. Kratz
Sleigh Bells in Springtime   Adventures await you along the trails...


Welcome to my website!
I'm Jessica R. Kratz, author of Sleigh Bells in Springtime: Frogs Calling.

About the Author Jessica R. Kratz is no stranger to the places frogs call home.

A Sense of Place Rooted in Childhood

-Grew up in Staten Island, New York, where she learned to enjoy nature, strolling, hiking, picnicking, and even sailing with her father in the "borough of parks".

-Growing up three miles from the former Fresh Kills landfill, Jessica has always been keenly aware of mankind's power to destroy nature, and in recent years, has become concerned by the impact of habitat loss, climate change, and other environmental factors, on frog species worldwide.

Life-long lover of the Staten Island Greenbelt

-two summers at YMCA day camp at Camp Pouch

-occasional weekend hikes alongside swamps and ponds with her father

-teenage volunteer junior counselor at High Rock Park in the Greenbelt.

-an AmeriCorps member leading hikes around Loosestrife Swamp when she first heard the spring peepers in the spring of 2001

A Life Full of Adventures in Nature

-participated in many greening initiatives such as green roof installations, sustainable mountain bike trail construction, ecological restoration projects, and street tree care

-became a Master Composter through a program with the NYC Department of Sanitation

-experiences in nature, particularly citizen science, service learning, and hiking, fuel my writing

About my latest book, Sleigh Bells in Springtime: Frogs Calling

"Sleigh Bells in Springtime" [Frogs Calling] is the story of a young girl who searches for the source of a sound and finds so much more: a love of frogs, a sense of place, quality time with her father and her sister, and the opportunity to participate in actual citizen science. Written in vivid verse with fun illustrations, "Sleigh Bells" connects to both the young and young at heart, inspiring people connect with spring peepers and a chorus of other calls, which, without the concerted effort of all of us, may be silenced forever. A fun story with many layers of depth, like the pond itself, "Sleigh Bells" ring, and it's great to read, read-aloud, or listen.